Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Legislature holds hearing on anti-bullying bill

SANDWICH – Her son went to his first school dance and had the time of his life.
But as the 12-year-old autistic boy was grooving to the music, he had no idea that a classmate was filming his every move on her cell phone. That is, until a few days later, in school, when he began to get harassed about his dance moves.

Tomorrow, that boy's mother, Theresa Jackson, will tell the Legislature's Joint Committee on Education that the state needs to protect children like her son with anti-bullying legislation. That legislation would require the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to create a model policy, provide training materials and hold districts accountable.
The legislation is needed, proponents say, because ultimately bullying can push victims to suicide. Jackson will be joined at today's hearing by a Springfield mother whose 11-year-old son killed himself after classmates berated him for dressing like a girl.

           This is a sad story on all fronts.  No one likes bullies, I myself was bullied as a child and rectified the situation with a lunch box swung at the perpetrator's head.
          Can we honestly make laws against bullies? What is the difference between bullying and just mean and cruel behavior?  I think some of these incidents could be settled out of court and settled within the school system and with the parents.  I think our government is way overstepping its jurisdiction on what it's roll in society is and should be.  Maybe pick up the lunch boxes and put down the cell phones.....could be a start.....

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