Friday, November 6, 2009

BLOWING IN THE WIND.................

A decision on whether to list Nantucket Sound on the National Register of Historic Places is now in the hands of the National Park Service.
In a letter sent to the U.S. Minerals Management Service today, Massachusetts Historical Commission executive director Brona Simon stated that she disagreed with the federal agency's finding that the Sound was not eligible for the listing.

A ruling by the National Park Service to list the Sound as traditional cultural property would not automatically kill the proposal by Cape Wind Associates, LLC, to build 130 wind turbines there, but could lead to significant delays in the project's construction.
The decision delays any decision by the Interior Department on the proposed Nantucket Sound wind farm by at least 45 days and potentially much longer.

      It has just been announced that Massachusetts is suspending all solar rebates because Massachusetts is out of money. That is a surprise!  Guess all those tax increase are not working! With that in mind, I would like someone in the Progressive movement to suggest to me where we will get our energy from since they have been blocking this Wind project for years.  They do not want us to build Nuclear plants, and no coal as well.  It gets pretty cold up here in the North East in the winter and the fools like me that continue to live here need to say warm! 

      Massachusetts last year gave tax breaks to Evergreen solar to open it's plant and create jobs in the community.
Evergreen will be moving much of its production to China as announced this week.

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