Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another company heading to China...........

                           Our once great industrial base has shrunk yet again. It is to expensive to manufacture product in Massachusetts as in other states that unemployment is above 10%. This company like many others was given millions of tax dollars and tax breaks and incentives to build and produce jobs in Mass.

Personally, I have had a problem with new ventures and tax breaks in general. Why not tax breaks for ALL companies, those with known experience and a track record of success for more than 30 years? I would be happy if the government would just stop trying to take over every industry and enforce laws that have been in effect for years. This is the only way to get business and the economy moving.

Footnote: I have personally visited this high-tech plant and  I am sad when any business makes the decision to located to another country. My livelihood has been based on servicing the electrical needs of these once healthy and prosperous companies.
 Evergreen shifts work to China - The Boston Globe

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