Saturday, September 12, 2009

The people rallied  in Washington today to show support for a free country, smaller government, and to say no to the health bill being dictated to us.

The President decided to leave town to speak at a small and organized rally for his government run health care. In his speech he asks the crowd to help HIM. He states  how many have lost their insurance in the last months but fails to recognize some of the reasons.  Job loss  from the recession,  higher taxes,  strict government regulations, companies moving production over seas to lower costs are just a few. I am not saying this is the right way to get your insurance coverage, but for many this has worked for years when we had good paying jobs.

I am starting to look at this health care bill as just another power grab of this socialist agenda.  Confiscate the guns, take over the companies, take over the schools, the media?  Am I getting your attention?  Sounds like the Politburo.

If the government gets a hold of your health care they will be rationing, it will happen. Private insurance companies will not be able to compete with the government.  Like the post office and other programs this will be far too expensive and will be more corrupt than it is now.  Look what Barnie Frank and Chris Dodd did with their committees, not to mention Charlie Rangel.  These people in Washington are not doctors and do not know how to run a business.

So mister President, please take note of the rally in Washington.  We are many and in God We Trust, not your big government and socialist policies.


  1. "I am starting to look at this health care bill as just another power grab of this socialist agenda."

    That's exactly what it's been all along.

    BTW: Gave you a follow on Twitter today.

  2. I'm so looking forward to the 2010 and 2012 elections. After yesterday, I'm finally starting to believe that a lot of people are, too.

  3. We were at the DC rally. It was a great day.
    This issue of health care reform is all about control and power. He could care less about health care.
    I'm going to follow you on Twitter, too.

  4. Twitter down for service tonight. I'll try again tomorrow.


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