Monday, September 21, 2009

Obama, the Chavez of America. Imagine the president not wanting to appear on Fox to push, yet still and again, his Obama Care for the Country.

Now, seems to me that Fox would be the FIRST outlet to visit. The people, for the most part, that watch Fox are the ones who would need to have their minds changed.
Now 58% of uninsured favor the government insurance plan. Now that is no surprise. We are creating a country of poor people and just where will they turn for their
insurance, jobs, cars, mortgages?

President Obama has a much bigger agenda. He has his friends abroad and in the media and does not believe the people who marched on Washington this month are a threat or even know what they are talking about. He does not even acknowledge that he has any idea what so ever of how much funding ACORN gets. I think Mr. Obama should take some time and watch Fox and maybe view some coverage of the 'Tea Parties' and some Town Hall meetings. I also think he should pick up a dictionary of his very own!

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