Thursday, September 17, 2009

Government Health Plan

"Fourteen women have been told that they are suffering from breast cancer after a hospital consultant missed the signs of the disease in an earlier screening and gave them the all-clear. Altogether 355 mammograms going back three years were reassessed after questions were raised about the work of a consultant radiologist at Accrington Victoria Hospital in Lancashire. Eighty-five women were called back to attend special clinics and 14 were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. They are now undergoing treatment. A further four women are being treated for a less serious condition."
This is England and it could happen anyway, but we should look at this as an example and ponder what government health would look like if passed. Do we want our health to be in a government trust? Would we have any recourse if the wrong diagnoses was made? Will the lawsuits be more outrageous? Lawsuits against the government or the doctor? Tort reform will have to be addressed. Just more questions  for me to say no to ObamaCare in any form.

Rineke Schram, the trust’s medical director, said: “A thorough and independent review of breast screening assessment clinics was carried out by the regional quality assurance team following concerns raised, relating to one consultant radiologist’s work at the trust. The independent review has been completed and the results are now being reported publicly.


  1. I don't know how many breast screenings that are positive are diagnosed as negative. Clearly, the professionalism of medical workers should be a major concern in America. Under Dear Leader's plan, we know for a fact that many doctors will retire. News reports cite up to 45% may leave.

    I, myself have worked on business plans to construct hospitals directly across the US border with Mexico to build state-of-the-art facilities where American doctors can provide the best possible treatment to patients outside of the ObamaNation. At the moment, they are contingency plans, but when/if Socialized medicine goes into effect, watch the medical industry bloom in Mexico as Americans search for a way to receive quality treatment.

  2. "Breast-screening assessment clinics..." Those words alone should make any woman shudder.


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