Monday, September 28, 2009


Union to use Barack Obama's election tactics in 50 key Labour seats - Times Online:

"Britain’s biggest union is to target key Labour seats using political profiling techniques developed by Barack Obama’s presidential election campaign. Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley, Unite’s general secretaries, flew to America last year to meet the Obama election team. The pair plan to adopt methods devised by the Democrats to identify union members who were unsympathetic to their party. The Democrats used the technique with great success when trying to target members of the United Steel Workers who were considering voting for the Republican candidate, John McCain. Charlie Whelan, Gordon Brown’s former spin doctor and now head of Unite’s political unit, also flew to the US to draw up a similar strategy for next year’s general election. In addition, Unite paid for four of its own full-time staff to work on the Obama campaign."

New world order. Maybe we can also send ACORN to England. 

Unite, which was formed out of the merger of Amicus and the Transport and General Workers’ Union two years ago, will plunder its £2 million fund to finance its election profiling.
The union, which represents around two million members, yesterday launched a website aimed at boosting Labour’s chances of winning the next general election. The site allows Unite members to contact Labour campaigners in their area as well as those in key seats.
Union officials said that the website would play a crucial role in campaigning for a fourth term Labour Government. The world light welterweight boxing champion Amir Khan helped to launch the website at the Labour party conference in Brighton - the last before the general election.

The Labour party seems to be loosing ground as the Democrats here in the states.  The 2010 mid-term elections show Republican candidates regaining some seats in the governor's races and even some seats in the Senate.  I am not thrilled with either party but some new people are showing up to give those, whose careers have only been in government, a run for the money.... sort a speak.
The way it is looking now, those who hold the votes will be voting for ObamaCare even with almost 60% opposed to this government take over of our health care!!!


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