Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The President will be speaking again tonight to rally the people on health care reform. I am not interested in what he has to say unless it includes tort reform and purchasing plans between states. And even at that I do not trust this overhaul of our medical plans.
We are still in a recession and this is not the time to ad another government run plan. And besides, what other government plan has worked and is not bankrupt? As soon as any plan is voted in you know these wise men and women elected will start amending and amending. People, we do not want the government in our private lives, at least not anymore then they are already! They will tell us that a public option is off the table. They will change the verbiage to read a 'medical trust plan', ya.......right.
Who are these people that are elected to Congress and how long must they stay there? Are these great minds of doctors, business men, no, for the most part they are lawyers and life long politicians. Not many have ever run a company or met a payroll. Barney Frank for one has never run a bank or a company and he is in charge of making laws for you. Charlie Rangel in being investigated for tax evasion and he makes the tax laws. I pay for my employees health plans, good ones, and have for thirty five years. People are loosing their health insurance for one, because they are loosing their jobs. Why don't we concentrate on building jobs and getting our people back to work! Health insurance is a great thing but it is not a right and it could again be a benefit and we can get the price down through competition and tort reform, not by GIVING this to our government to play with!
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