Sunday, August 9, 2009

These People Will Not Listen......

Are these real American Elected Officials? They have already decided to pass this socialist program regardless of our saying NO. These town hall meetings are a Sham...


  1. The elected officials have certainly been bought. I'm not sure how that works precisely - but bought they are.

  2. That may be true. But they will make a big mistake by cramming this cr@p down our throats. Big mistake. They will all be out of jobs next election cycle.

  3. Opus, I hope you are right, but I am skeptical. Some of these people have been in office for 20, 30, 40 YEARS!

  4. Amazing. They go to all the trouble of rigging the meeting and still, they are shouted down.

    Only 13% of people support this bill. Why do they have to force everyone to take part? And why the hurry? Didn't Obama pledge not to rush bills through the House?

  5. I hope we can get some of these knuckle heads out of office. But I doubt it.

  6. It looks as if its going down like this:
    1 Bail outs
    2 Take over the banks
    3 Take over auto industry
    4 Take over Health Care
    5 Take over Energy
    6 Allow Amnesty for 13 million invaders
    7 Coming for our guns
    8 Slaves
    This is what will happen if we allow them to continue any longer.
    Does any of this sound familiar? 1930's Germany maybe?, but of course that could never happen here ;)
    Great Vid

  7. Yeah sure, you keep thinking that way.. I keep thinking that this nitwit Pelousy can't say anything more idiotic than her most recent statement and she keeps proving me wrong. I'm sick that our wonderful country has the leadership of Our Lady of Perpetual Surprise, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and assisted by Raum Emmanuel, etc., etc., etc. Keep up the protests, emails, letters, phone calls!

  8. The Obama health care spin is exactly a spin. It's not good of anyone but the lazy bastards on the corners or the illegals. The lib blogs consist of each of them patting each other on their backs.


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