Thursday, August 27, 2009

Same Old.....Same Old

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New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's office said federal prosecutors won't bring charges in a corruption probe that forced him to withdraw his nomination to a cabinet position in the Obama administration.

"While the U.S. Attorney's Office has not notified Governor Richardson about the completion of its investigation, it appears that no action will be taken as a result of the year-long inquiry," Deputy Chief of Staff Gilbert Gallegos said in a statement released late Thursday.

A spokesman for the United States Attorney's office in Albuquerque did not return telephone calls seeking comment, and the federal Department of Justice would not confirm that the investigation into so-called pay-to-play allegations had been dropped.

In January, Mr. Richardson, a Democrat, withdrew his nomination to be secretary of Commerce, citing a federal investigation into a company that did business with the state.

A federal grand jury was looking into whether his administration steered a financial-advisory contract to CDR Financial Products of Beverly Hills, Calif., in 2004 after an executive with that company made large contributions to Mr. Richardson's political action committees.

Why are we going back to the Bush administration and proceeding with the investigation of the CIA after the 9/11 attack but we are dropping charges against Mr. Richardson? Is it just a coincidence that Mr. Richardson was up for a presidential appointment and is a Democrat? I am still waiting for the change and the transparency we were promised in the Obama administration. This is just politics as usual!

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