Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Line up for the Blue Bus

Health Care for American Now, an umbrella organization of groups supporting Obama's plan, and Organizing for America, the Obama campaign organization which reputedly has an e-mail list of up to 13 million names, plan 1,000 events before the congressional recess ends September 8.

OK all you fellow 'mobsters' looks like we got the Democratic and Union organizers attention. The people that tagged us as organized AstroTurf and Nazi groups are planning to attend and disrupt some town halls being conducted by the Republicans. Signs are being made and bus tours will begin in support of that wacky Obama care. The president's health care is going down and the national deficit is on the rise. We already know the White House has a great e-mail contact list of names and old friends. Always ready for a trip and no private sector job to go to, these carpetbaggers will be bused around the country to a town near you. This is the bus that was in my town, please make sure they feed the meters when they arrive!!!
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