Thursday, August 13, 2009


We took an unpaid leave from our company today to attend the town hall meeting of my Congressman John Tierney. Representative Tierney had canceled the meeting and decided to phone it in. Some of us would be heard so we gathered down town Peabody with signs and bumper stickers in hand. I guess the word went out because the bus showed up with Obama supporters. Some held signs stating free health care for all, some brought cowbells and some even had their own umbrellas stacked and ready for the unexpected shower. I saw and overheard a gentleman on a two way radio giving an update to someone somewhere about his party. Needless to say Mr. Tierney was a no show but we did get to meet some sincere and concerned citizens of the 6th district. We are, I have learned going to have some competition for Mr. Tierney's seat in 2010. I will have to find out if someone paid for the bus parking at those meters, it is only fair if you come to my town and ask me to pay for your health insurance and mine, you would at least feed the meters. One union man told me to stop listening to Rush and I responded that President Obama was not honest up in New Hampshire when he said AARP was endorsing his health plan. Another bus tripper lady seemed to want a confrontation. Her sign was in Spanish and she even stated that this was a racial issue!!! All and All it was a peaceful demonstration and we are in the process of designing our new signs for our next town hall meeting which will be conducted by Barney Frank next week. I sure could use some fresh ideas. I would gladly deliver any messages you might have for him...
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  1. Hi Lady Di!
    I'm glad you survived. To bad your chicken, weasley congressman was a no show. Imagine that, bussing in the obamabots!
    That is UNFAIR, they don't even live in your district.
    I'm glad you got some good photo's. You should forward this blog post to all your local news outlets...maybe one will pick it up.
    They seem to be getting a little sick of Obummer lately.

  2. Nice turnout on Wed. Thanks to Feinberg for making the trek. Odd that none of the news coverage seemed to capture the bus. All local concerned card check anyone?


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