Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boston Fed paints gloomy picture for '09 - Boston Business Journal:

"The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston offered a gloomy assessment of the New England economy — at least through 2009 — in Wednesday’s installment of the eight-times-a-year summary commonly referred to as the “beige book.” “Business activity in the First District continues to be slow. Most retail contacts are optimistic that they are past the bottom, while manufacturers consider business to be bouncing along it, at best,” the Boston researchers wrote." The 'stimulus' is not working! Now go and try to find a job. Did ya hear the minimum wage just went up? Now it will only take a Burger King and a McDonald's job to support the family. Quit that Dunkin Donuts night job, who needs it....


  1. The Obama Administration takes money from us to "stimulate" the economy and uses it for pork, they want to take another $1 trillion to stimulate the economy further. They want to take $1 trillion out of our pockets for Cap/Trade, $1.5 trillion out of our pockets for ObamaCare and the bill climbs higher. The chickens will come home to roost and it's not going to be pretty.

    I agree that the present crisis is likely to bottom out early in 2010, but unless we STOP wasting money on foolish programs, meaning all the Obama Administration's plans, we'll dip again and go through another more enduring financial crisis.

  2. The stimulus went into his crony's pockets.


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