Thursday, June 25, 2009

Unemployed Hit the Road to Find Jobs -

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"By JENNIFER LEVITZ LINCOLN, N.H. -- After seven months without a paycheck, Tim Ryan turned into a werewolf. Laid off from a construction job, Mr. Ryan finally found work last month playing the wolfman at Clark's Trading Post, a tourist attraction in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. For $12 an hour, about half what he made before, he dons furry rags, a coonskin cap and an eye patch and jumps out of the woods when the Trading Post's steam train chugs by, snarling and growling at passengers." I do not find this funny, I find this sad. From my neighboring state of New Hampshire giving a different meaning to "Old Man of the Mountain." Come to find out, many are hitting the trail and leaving their families just to find any kind of work. Are these the jobs the President was referring to when his administration talked about creating jobs?
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  1. Sad to say but our industrial economy is dying to liberal policies leaving the United States to turn to tourism. We will see many more of these stories.


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