Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jobs vs Good Paying Jobs

Please indulge me. I know progress and change are not bad words, but our country is in a deep recession. Experts guessing between each other when the economy will be coming back. When I was growing up I can remember going with my grandmother to pick up my grandfather at the leather factory in town. It was not easy work but it was all he knew and it paid well enough to support a wife and two daughters. Going forward, my mother brought up 3 children working as a stitcher in a leather factory doing piece work making jackets and coats. Many of my friends in those days had dads and moms that worked in neighboring towns producing light bulbs, shoes, leather, clothing, soda pop, to name a few. Not all could afford or felt a need for college. There was always a place to make a good living doing hard and fulfilling work. My ramblings done, my point being where will our people work today? Not everyone is suited to sit at a computer or work for the government. These factories are long gone from my town or other neighboring towns. Maybe progress, maybe government regulations, unions, and tax policy all had a part in the demise of these plants.
These establishments have been long knocked down and made in to parks or housing. So, when the economy comes back, where will the people find a job? We all are and will be experiencing a lower standard of living. To be continued...

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  1. I found your post via Fuzzy's Dad. Very good question you ask. I wanted to wait for the continuation before leaving a better comment :-)


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