Monday, June 1, 2009

DPW in Massachusetts

Today in our paper one of our lifetime representatives is suggesting our public works department should have the same luxury as our police and fire departments. The one I speak of is retiring at age 55 and going on to collecting the pension. Now that would all be fine and dandy if we had the 'money tree' my mother always had me looking for, but I could never find those trees then and can not find them now. We are in a DEEP recession. I can not pay for anymore people, I can hardly pay for myself. We must cut expenses not increase them! Massachusetts is raising the sales tax, raising the tolls, you can raise hell but there is no one left to pay the bill. The manufacturing base we use to service is gone and we are traveling further to get a job. I have shipping companies call me and they tell me no one is shipping. I digress, the few of us left in small business can not afford to pay for the many public employees , some who believe have the option to retire at 55! Beam me up Scottie.


  1. I am sure their justification is to lessen the size of their pensions while hiring workers at a lessor rate who are less likely to stay at the same job for longer than a few years considering the attention span of the millennial. To add to the stress of the tight local budgets and depend more on the tax payer for the immedate part of the plan during a recession is just silly.

  2. The libs never seem to learn.


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