Friday, June 26, 2009

Caring for the World's Needs

Gordon Brown today proposed the establishment of a $100 billion a year international fund to help the world’s poorest nations adapt to the impact of climate change. I am a simple person. What a wonderful idea it is to take care of the world and all it's problems. Being a simple person who has lived in this world for a time, I seem to remember cases when giving, which means money, has only found its way into the hands of some unscrupulous leaders of said nations and friends of said leaders. Do we not have world charitable organizations that help all nations in need with food, medicine, education: Rotary International, Red Cross, Salvation Army, to name a few. Not to change a point, but I did read recently of the wish that the white farm owners would come back to South Africa. I am sure of one thing, our debt is growing and our ability to pay it is shrinking.
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  1. I seem to vividly recall a little skirmish in Somalia based on the US handing out expensive aid and coming to grips with Somalian warlords. In Afghanistan, the US let the warlords take over the country, with our support and money.

    But hey, handing out money to fight the nebulous "global warming" is all the rage.


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