Friday, May 8, 2009

At the start of last week the House voted to take an additional $900 million a year out of the pockets of state taxpayers by raising the sales tax 25 percent.... By the end of the week the already gloomy revenue news was getting worse. Phrases like “free fall” were being used on Beacon Hill. Revenue collections for the current fiscal year (ending June 30) had fallen by another $300 million.... So how did the House react? Well even as the revenue news grew increasingly grim, they remained in a budget bubble - working overtime increasing the once responsible House budget. They continued to vote overwhelmingly on amendment after amendment to throw money at programs and special interest groups. By the end of Thursday, more than $530.6 million had already been added back into the budget. Friday they continued on that path.... Fiscal crisis? What fiscal crisis - as long as the taxpayers can be tapped until they run dry. A Boston Herald editorial

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